We source statement pieces

Our pieces embody the essence found in every local Greek village and Mediterranean landscape. 

We provide access

With each curated drop, we bring you hard-to-find items via a refined in-person and online retail experience.

We celebrate intentional living

What do we mean by ‘intentional’ living?  At The Chora, intentional living is about embracing the Greek village ethos – living passionately, savoring every moment, and cherishing age-old traditions. There is a profound serenity in the philosophy of “living immediately and intensely” and our brand honors this essence along with our hellenic heritage, artisanal craftsmanship, and sustainability.

About the Founders

The “Chora” is founded by Marilena Pelekoudas and Daniel Zotos who share a love for the Mediterranean lifestyle and intangible energy you are immersed in when visiting their motherland of Greece. 

“Whether you are strolling the cobbled streets of Monastiraki in Athens, or exploring a mountain village in Crete, there’s an energy that transcends your reality. It is both ancient and timeless, rooted in the environment around you. We found that intentionally incorporating that aesthetic within the spaces we live and work back home provides an enduring element that invokes that charm. Our vision is to share this inspiration, making it tangible and accessible, elevating spaces one unique piece at a time.”

We'd love to hear from you, reach out:

Marilena Pelekoudas & Daniel Zotos

Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sourcing timeless decor and sustainable furnishings goes hand in hand with valuing the integrity of vintage items and our planet’s resources. In an industry dominated by 'fast furniture', shifting trends, substantial carbon footprints, and escalating landfill challenges, our dedication to circularity in home decor remains front and center in our work.

Our approach emphasizes ethical sourcing, repurposing, and fostering localized supply chains, by purveying distinguished pieces and classic furnishings that have stood the test of time. We strive to combat the overproduction and wasteful discarding practices by highlighting the value of repurposed objects of character and quality. To us, the allure of an item lies not just in its aesthetic, but in the tale it conveys—a story that pays homage to the old world's resources, its captivating beauty, and rich history, celebrates its artisans, and supports its present-day communities.