We source statement pieces that embody the captivating essence found in every local Greek village and Mediterranean landscape. With each curated drop, we provide access to these items via in-person or online retail experiences. In turn, we honor heritage, artistry, sustainability, and celebrate intentional living.

Pitharia (Greek Olive Jars)

Antique handmade terracotta pithari traditionally used for preserving olive oil or wine, sourced from various regions across Greece and Turkey. Each centuries-old vessel stands out with its distinctive hue and tells its history through unique patina and markings. Varied sizes.


Inspired by the ancient adornments on Greek temples, these vintage architectural ornaments (100+ years old) were found on the facades of municipal buildings across Greece. Today, they add a touch of antiquity and distinction to any space whether adorning a bookend or gracing a fireplace mantle.

Marble Pieces

A hallmark of Mediterranean artistry, our hand selected marble sinks and statement pieces blend form and function seamlessly. Handcrafted, each item carries the cool touch and timeless elegance of Grecian marble, making them more than just functional fixtures but centerpieces in their own right.

Bread Boards and Dough Bowls

Our collection features vintage bread boards and dough bowls that are not only functional but also carry with them the tales of family gatherings and feasts, deeply rooted in Greek and Turkish tradition.

Stools, Benches, Tables, Doors

Selected for their exquisite grain patterns and vintage design, our wood furniture pieces such as stools, benches, tables, and doors blend the rustic charm of village homes with modern-day aesthetics.

Stone Troughs/Basins

Crafted from a single slab of architectural stone, these troughs and basins were once used for water and feed but now are repurposed into beautiful fountains, planters, and sinks.

  • In-Person

    By appointment or at one of our exclusive pop-ups, we offer our full varied and dynamic collections of salvaged home furnishings and decor.

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  • Online

    We offer a limited selection of our dynamic collections of home furnishings and decor for purchase during our “online drops”. Domestic shipping only (for now).